Thai massage centre

This is a wonderful and traditional treatment which dates back over 2,500 years

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Back and shoulders
Treat yourself to relief your back. Special combination of massage techniques aimed to relax your neck and arms.

Back heaven – Special back massage
Special combination of massage techniques aimed to relief your neck, arms, lower and lumbar back with usage of heat-treated herbal bags deeply penetrating into your skin and massage oil, which relief your muscles. Regular massage procedures can bring you a huge relief from chronic back difficulties.

Nuad Thai – Traditional Thai massage
Traditional Thai massage is a 25hundred-year-old therapeutic method. Professional therapists will rid your body of the feeling of fatigue, muscle spasms and nervous tensions, they will stimulate blood and lymph flow and return mobility to your muscles, joints and tendons by touching and pressing these points

Rit Tee – MAGICAL POWER – Hot herbal massage
Hot herbal massage with real Thai herbs in a cotton satchel. When the hot satchel is applied to skin, the pores open up and the herbal essences with their anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and antiseptic effect start spreading deep into the muscle. The mixture of traditional Thai herbs used for the compress has stimulating, relaxing and invigorating effects for the body and the mind.

Sook Dee – PATH TO THE HEAVEN – Foot massage
Acupressure foot massage improves metabolism and blood flow in the targeted organ, it improves immunity, and has overall detoxifying and rejuvenating ef ects.

Fan Dee – SWEET DREAMS – Thai oil massage
Aroma Thai massage is a relaxing, harmonising massage of the whole body. During the massage, aromatic oils are used that nourish and soften the skin and envelop the whole body in scented mist, which multiplies the feeling of relaxation. An oil massage calms the nervous system, relieves muscle tension and stimulates blood circulation.

Roon Dee – TROPICAL TREAT – Peeling massage
The peeling massage clears pores and adds vitality as well as younger looking appearance to your skin. It activates the micro-circulation of the subskin tissue system, detoxifies the skin, removes dead cells from the body surface and allows skin to breathe. It beautifies the complexion making it visibly soft and pleasantly smooth.

Tok Sen
“Tok Sen” is an ancient massage and it is more than 5000 years old. TOK SEN means “Energy streaming”. They use special tools made of the wood core called “Tamarind” in TOK SEN. With the usage of spike and small sticks produced vivid mechanical and sound vibrations, which resonate through deep layers in tissues and bones and subsequently cause the relief of stiff organs and improvement of blood circulation.

Opening hours:
from 10:00 – 19:00
except 14:00 – 15:00

Reservations :
E-mail: 52 78 51 851, +421 911 988 345