Fire & Water Wellness & Spa


Correct use of sauna

Already, we are openning the largest two-storey wellness center in Central Europe. In an area of over 1590 m2, a vital world full of contrasts designed in the elements of fire and water. These elements will be a symbol of the new wellness centre divided into private and party zone, whith different types of saunas and inhalation rooms, ceremonial sauna, private area, resting rooms with waterbeds and unique 14m Vital Pool Bar with trendy cocktails and meals. Unusual surprises await you in the new Fire & Water Wellness & Spa.


Viking sauna with magnolia decoration, with real fire in the stone oven ensures perfect relaxation and a well-deserved rest. Your blood will circulate in your veins like hot fire and you will feel like a real Vikings. The beneficial effects of the sauna will affect your musculoskeletal system especially. Release your soul and body, get rid of stress and pamper yourself with a perfect feel of being relaxed.

Recommended time: 5 -15 minutes
Temperature: 70 – 90 °C
Humidity: 15 – 35 %
Effects: regenerative, relax, strengthening of immunity system, prevention from communicable diseases
Contraindications: all heart diseases, high blood pressure, age over 70 years, people under the influence of alcohol, pregnancy, influenza, epilepsy


Ceremonial sauna is a type of traditional Finnish sauna with the exception of the normal use of a sauna it is also a mystical experience in the form of ceremony. It is a new kind of use of sauna and modern trends in wellness treatments. It is enriching the use of the sauna performed by skilled staff, associated with swirling hot air, spraying stones with aromatic essence, rubbing skin with various body beneficial products. Sauna ceremony enhances the beneficial effects of the sauna itself and guarantees an extraordinary and unforgettable experience. The ceremony takes place for 10 to 12 minutes during selected operating hours.

Recommended time: 5 -15 minutes
Temperature: 70- 90 °C
Humidity: 15 – 35 %
Effects: regenerative, relax, strengthening of immunity system, prevention from communicable diseases, detoxication
Contraindications: all heart diseases, high blood pressure, age over 70 years, people under the influence of alcohol, pregnancy, influenza, epilepsy


In herbal sauna, the temperature of which does not exceed 40 ° C, you will enjoy a hundred percent experience and a hundred percent humidity. We offer citrus, floral, and herbal or fruit flavours, which affect favourably on the respiratory system, relieve insomnia and irritability, and have an overall relaxing effect. Features of the sauna are derived from the use of various medicinal herbal essences. Indulge in luxury and relax with exceptional aromas. Pleasant aromas of medicinal herbs have beneficial effects on all your senses and organs.

Recommended time: 15-20 minutes
Temperature: 40 – 45 °C
Humidity: 100%
Scents: citrus, flowers, herbal, fruit – relieve insomnia, irritability and nerves
Contraindications: all heart diseases, high blood pressure, age over 70 years, people under the influence of alcohol, pregnancy, influenza, epilepsy, infectious diseases, purulent disease of the skin, acute febrile illness, hypertension, thrombosis conditions, tumours


Infernally hot sauna just to make you feel like in hell. Exclusive interior with the volcano from which flows over the rocks hot thermal spring from geothermal boreholes and fills the pools with crystal clear warm water in AquaCity Poprad. A unique experience in a hot steam sauna improves blood circulation in your body and will please your soul.

Recommended time: 10 -15 minutes
Temperature: 45 – 55 °C
Humidity: 100%
Contraindications: all heart diseases, high blood pressure, age over 70 years, people under the influence of alcohol, pregnancy, influenza, epilepsy, infectious diseases, purulent disease of the skin, acute febrile illness, hypertension, thrombosis conditions, tumours


Eucalyptus sauna is the perfect connection of aromatherapy and steam sauna. Breath in the scent of beneficial eucalyptus and pamper yourself by sips of steam and emerald effects in the walls of the sauna. Emerald board, always shrouded in secrecy of our forefathers, reveals the fountain of living water, wisdom and knowledge, a replica of which can be found in this sauna. Discover the spring of living water, spring of wisdom and secret of knowledge in the sauna with the imitation of the Emerald board of ancient ancestors, which has always been shrouded in secrecy.
“If you are looking for light, if you are looking for peace of mind, open your heart, eyes and ears.”

Recommended time: 5 -15 minutes
Temperature: 45 – 55 °C
Humidity: 100 %
Scents: eucalyptus – refreshing effect, used during infection, antiseptic, antiviral
Contraindications: all heart diseases, high blood pressure, age over 70 years, people under the influence of alcohol, pregnancy, influenza, epilepsy


Testing your resistance? Try the Arctic in the form of a cooling pool. The water temperature no more than ten degrees will after a sauna energise the immune system and increase the production of blood cells. The key to lasting health, beauty and vitality of the organism can be found in the cooling and freezing ice pool. The effect of heat and cold rotation has been known for centuries, when after the enlargement of blood vessels in the skin in a sauna is followed by vessels reacting to the cold by withdrawal and subsequent repeated heating will trigger an explosion of energy in cells and surge hormones of happiness.

Temperature: 7 – 10 °C
Effects: cooling after dry sauna, blood circulation improvement
Contraindications: low or high blood pressure, acute infectious diseases
Effect: regeneration, boost of the immune system, stimulant, skin congestion.
After a stay in the sauna followed by cooling in the cooling pool comes to stimulating the immune system and increases the number of red and white blood cells.
Contraindications: suppurating skin diseases, infectious diseases, open wounds, post-thrombosis, epilepsy, all acute attacks of chronic diseases, bleeding disorders, mental illness, high temperature conditions, febrile states, pregnancy, relative contraindication is age above 70 years.


The modern form of taking a sauna during which the whole body is overheated by infrared radiation similar to thermal radiation of the sun. Infrared rays congested organism (does not tan), clear skin, remove cellulite, especially triggering further recovery processes and relaxation. Your body will nicely warm up and will fully release.

Recommended time: 20 minutes
Temperature: 40 – 50 °C
Humidity: 10 -30%
Effects: use of infrared rays is appropriate to improve blood circulation, skin cleansing, detoxification, degradation of cellulite, body heat, starting therapy and relaxation processes
Indications: Supports acceleration of blood circulation, increases muscle elasticity – collagen tissue, reduces stiffness, reduces pain and speeds healing. Reduction of weight by fat excretion. Beneficial effect on the skin, relieves clogged pores, skin elasticity. Total relaxation, helps to reduce asthma, respiratory allergies and inflammation, toothache and gum swelling.


In the whirlpool bath for eight people water makes your body float, massages the body and also the feet, stimulates the circulation and relaxes the whole body perfectly. Hot water together with a body massage helps blood circulation and gets the body into a state of complete relaxation. Sweeten your perfect romantic whirlpool bath with champagne and strawberries and relax with a real fire and candles in the unique atmosphere of this magical place.

Temperature: 36 ˚C
Effects: releasing, relaxing, energising, and regenerating.
The bath has a sedative effect, it calms you down, it is suitable for insomnia, has a sensitive effect, relieves muscle tension and psychological stress.
Contraindications: purulent skin diseases, infectious diseases, signs of circulatory failure, epilepsy, infections, acute febrile illness, conditions after thrombosis, malignancies, incontinence of urine, pregnancy, all acute attacks of chronic diseases.
Recommendation: Relaxing in the hot tub can be combined with massage from a professional masseur for perfect relaxation throughout the body. We encourage you to spend romantic moments in two with a glass of delicious champagne.


Step into the first oasis of peace, rest and regain harmony of body and soul. Relax in the comfortable deck chairs with a view of the sky with moving clouds. Real blazing fire in the bio fireplace will add to the relaxing atmosphere of our Fire & Water Wellness & Spa centre. Real relax combines atmosphere of the mountain hut and a water world and relieves stress (stimulates mechanisms for stress relief). The decoration in the form of trees on the walls, peace and rest – it is the icing on the cake of our oasis of peace.
Wellness oasis of refreshment, by its pleasant environment creates for the ultimate relaxation, brings significant positive and mental stimulation for stress relief. We provide you with delicious wellness teas and fruit to refresh your stay in our centre. We recommend combining it with our SPA procedures.


Our lagoon pool offers undisturbed rest with lots of wellness. The water in the pool is a pleasant temperature 33°C. It offers a full range of water hydro massage attractions – massage beds, whirlpools, jet beads, bottom sprain with handles for perfect blood supply to the feet or water mushroom, which stimulate acupuncture points throughout the body and this way contribute to the relaxation and regeneration. The magical atmosphere of light together with luxurious black panelling on the walls guaranties that you will spend a private experience in the style of fire and water.


It can only be found in our place. Bay of Love is designed for lovers who seek romantic hideaways with massage loungers. Bay of Love is the place, which is the crown of the private pool “Mystique Lagoon” Entrance to the Bay of love is only for lovers!!!


After rousing your bloodstream you will welcome a pleasant cooling down in our ice cave. Once you have enjoyed the steam and aroma of our saunas, you can enter a real ice cave. At a temperature of -14°C to cool your passion and enjoy the snow even during the hottest summer days. For an intensive cosmetic effect it is recommended to combine it with our SPA procedures.


If you do not get cold enough during the hot summer, if you cannot find a counterweight to the hot wellness snacks, if cold in the Ice Cave is not enough for you, plunge yourself into the icefall. The chilling attraction is actually a container in which the ice is permanently coming down to cool your body.


Effects of Himalayan salts are known worldwide. Keep your head away from all the worries for a moment, sit down with relaxing music and watch the drops of water running down a salt pillar in warm lighting. Sun rays trapped in salt crystals during evaporation along with supplies of minerals such as sodium, magnesium, calcium, iodine, bromine and manganese act cleansing, rejuvenating and healing to the whole body. Treat yourself to a stay in this unique salt sauna.
Temperature: 30 ˚C
Effects: relaxation, disinfectant, enhance immunity.
Indications: Inhalation has a positive effect on the entire nervous system. Himalayan salt helps to treat skin diseases and respiratory diseases and allergies.
Contraindications: purulent skin diseases, infectious diseases, open wounds.


The feeling that you know from dreams – you are not lying down, but swimming. Literally an uplifting feeling on the heated waterbed with seawater guarantees to make you feel pampered. Your body within minutes gets rid of tension, followed by release and therefore the waterbed is an ideal relaxing element of our Fire & Water Wellness & Spa centre. You will experience guaranteed delight….


Suntan is our most natural cosmetics. The solarium is a place where you can safely tan the whole body. You no longer have to worry about white places under swimwear. Now you can have an attractive entire body. Controlled sunbathing and receiving of vitamin D is the best form, to give you darker pigment. Vitamin D3 is important for bones and prevents osteoporosis. At the same time it stores calcium in the bones, and your bone structure is stronger. Tanning helps in the prevention of influenza, children’s kidney insufficiency, treatment of skin diseases and has an intense cosmetic and beauty effect.


Kick-start your circulation before entering the private lagoon. Tropical rain is part of our wellness eco-system and provides your body with a feeling of vitality. A massage shower with hot water is the ideal complement to the pleasures of our Fire & Water Wellness & Spa centre.