Accommodation rules


1. The hotel only accommodates guests who check in properly. For this purpose, guests are requested to show the receptionist personal proof of identity, an identification card (ID card) or a valid passport. The receptionist will issue guests after check in a card indicating the guests name, room number, and length of stay, access cards and wrist chip.

2. Use of the hotel is only allowed by persons who are not affected by infectious diseases.

3. The hotel may, in specific cases, offer a guest another room than the agreed accommodation, provided it is not substantially different from the already confirmed order.

4. Located under special regulations (§51 of the Postal Regulations) receiving consignments addressed to hotel guests or guests who have booked accommodation services. These shipments are to be delivered to the addressees and if that is not possible, returned back to them.

5. The hotel ensures in the case of illness or injury to a guest medical assistance, if necessary, transport to a hospital.

6. The hotel provides guests with services to the extent determined by Decree no. 419/2001 Ministry of Economy, which regulates the categorisation of accommodation facilities.

7. Guests to use the rooms for the period of time which was agreed to on arrival.

8. Visitors are obliged to report their visit to the hotel receptionist. Visits to hotel rooms are permitted 8:00 to 22:00 hours.

9. Guests pay for their stay upon arrival at the hotel reception desk. Check out is no later than 10.00 am on the day of departure, vacating the room at the same time. If a guest fails to do so within the specified time, the hotel may charge the price of stay for the next day.

10. Guests are entitled to check into their room from 2p.m. If check in is done before 6:00 am, guests pay for the accommodation for the entire previous night.

11. In the room or common areas of the hotel guests must not, without the consent of the hotel management move equipment, make repairs and do any work on the electrical network or other installations.

12. Guests are not allowed to use their own electrical appliances, except non-electric appliances used for their personal hygiene (shavers or massagers, hair dryers, etc.) in the area of the hotel, especially in the rooms.

13. Guests are obliged on leaving the room to turn off the taps, turn off all the lights and other electrical appliances (radio, TV, etc.) in the room and adjacent areas and close the door. On the day of checking out of the hotel, guests hand over their magnetic cards and wrist chip.

14. For security reasons children under 10 without adult supervision are not allowed to be left unattended in rooms and public areas of the hotel.

15. Guests are not allowed to take sports equipment and items which are to be stored in selected places into their room.

16. Safes are located in each room for the safekeeping of valuables.

17. The hotel is liable under the Civil Code provisions of §758 and §433 for things brought in by a guest to the hotel, as well as damage to stored items as these things were stored in places reserved for it or where it is normally stored. For money and valuables, the hotel is only responsible if they were taken into safekeeping in comparison with the acknowledgment by §434 of the Civil Code.

18. Guest are obliged to observe the night peace from 10pm to 6am.

19. Fire regulations are placed in a visible place. Guests are obliged to follow them during their stay.

20. Smoking is only allowed in designated areas of the hotel. The hotel rooms and common areas of the hotel are strictly no smoking. The hotel is entitled to charge 35, – EUR per violation of this prohibition.

21. Complaints Procedure is available at the reception desk.

22. Damage caused to the property of the hotel by a guest is responsible by law.

23. Guests are obliged to submit at the reception desk departure information for individual tours and sign a book of walks and hikes.

24. Guests can come by vehicles only along the access road and the vehicle is to only be parked in designated areas for guests parking.

25. For accommodation and other services, guests are obliged to pay in advance the agreed price on arrival. The balance is payable upon submission to the guest.

26. Complaints by guests and any possible suggestions for improving the operation of the hotel are received at the hotel reception desk.

27. Dogs and other animals can be accommodated under special regulations. The price for animal accommodation is charged based on an agreed price. Accommodation of animals is subject to the following measures:

28. It is not allowed for animals to be left unattended by accommodated guests (the owner or accompanying persons) on the hotel premises, including the hotel room

29. Pets should not be left to rest – lie on a bed or other furniture that is used for the relaxation of the guests. Pets are not allowed to use the baths, showers or sinks for bathing and being washed in

30. The catering equipment that is used for the preparation and serving of food for guests may not be used for feeding dogs and other animals

31. Damage caused by a guest or owner of an animal to the property of the hotel, is liable

32. Accommodated guests are obliged to comply with the accommodation regulations. In case of breaking these regulations, under §759 section 2 of the Civil Code, the hotel can terminate the contract of the accommodation services even before the agreed time.