Return policy

This Complaints Procedure regulates terms and conditions that arise due to the liability for defects of the provided services, respectively defects of supplied goods within the meaning of the Civil Code and Law No. 250/2007C.c.

Right to claim

A guest has the right to complain if they are dissatisfied with any sold goods, food, drinks, provided accommodation or any related services.
Claims made about the poor quality of food or beverages for immediate consumption by a guest are to be made directly to the operator.
Dissatisfaction in food and beverages in quantity and weight must be reported before the start of consumption. Complaints because of the quality and temperature of the food and beverages must be immediately reported after tasting.
If a fault occurs on a purchased non – food product the consumer has the right to exercise a claim under warranty.
Dissatisfaction with provided accommodation, resp. in additional services, a guest has the right to make a claim without delay. After the warranty period, the right to make a claim is not applicable.

When making a claim a guest shall submit proof of payment for services for which the claim is being made.

Hotel responsibility

The employee of the hotel responsible for claims will after professional assessment decide on the complaint made by the guest immediately. A record of the complaint will be made and retained whether it is impossible to decide immediately about the complaint or the complaint is unfounded. The record shall clearly indicate the services, the time when it occurred, and the requirement in which way the claim is to be processed. Guests shall receive a copy of the record.
Settlement of claims, including the time for expert assessment shall not exceed 30 days.
Guests unsatisfied with the handling of the claim can apply their rights in court.

Claim settlements 

  1. Catering Services

Negligence in meals and drinks are considered unrecoverable.
Guests have the right to request an exchange or refund of the price paid.

  1. Accommodation, additional services

Unresolved technical faults and irreplaceable services (hotel room faults, faults of additional services) to the guest entitles them to:

  • Primary discount on price
  • Termination of the contract before staying overnight and generally a refund if the services are paid in advance.

Deadline for complaints

The guest has the right to claim without undue delay at the latest, in particular for the period of validity of the warranty period.

The warranty period is:

  • Food products – 8 days
  • Non-food products and services – 24 months